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2018-2019 Lakewood Wrestling

Team Policies & Information

Welcome to Lakewood Wrestling!

Please visit our webpage at   

The webpage is updated regularly and has useful information regarding the 2018-19 season.

Also visit our Facebook Page at Lakewood Tigers Wrestling for up to date information


Team Policies


Most practices will begin at 3:30 and end by 5:30 p.m. You are expected to be on time to practice each day. Practice attendance is essential for your success in athletics because this time is used to learn/improve technique and conditioning.


If you cannot make it to practice due to illness or other events, please have your parent contact Coach Sisneros at (303) 972-7168 during school hours or (720) 935-5634 after hours to excuse the absence. If I do not receive a call, your absence will be considered unexcused.


Unexcused Absence Policy

1st Unexcused Absence

  • Coaching staff and wrestler have a conference.

  • Wrestler may lose the opportunity for challenge matches that week.

  • Wrestler may not be eligible for competition that week.

  • Consequences determined by Coach.

2nd Unexcused Absence

  • Coaching staff and wrestler have a conference.

  • Wrestler loses the opportunity for challenge matches that week.

  • Wrestler is not eligible for competition that week.

  • Consequences determined by Coach.

3rd Unexcused Absence

  • Consequences determined by Coach, which may include removal from the team.


Practice Expectations

  • Be on time and prepared. Tardiness will result consequences, determined by the coaches.

  • Headgear will be worn while drilling and wrestling. Although headgear can be checked out for the season, it is suggested that each wrestler purchase their own headgear. Purchased headgear must be Orange, Black or White. A new rule by the National Rules Committee this season states that headgear CANNOT have tape anywhere on the exterior.  

  • Dress appropriately in a clean T-shirt, work-out shorts, or sweatpants. These items cannot have zippers. (Over dressing will not be allowed during live wrestling!)

  • All athletes must have wrestling shoes and running shoes at every practice session.

  • NO wrestling gear from other youth or high school programs will be allowed during LHS practices. This includes pre-season, spring or summer workouts!

  • Have a positive attitude and be ready to work hard. Negative attitudes and lack of effort will not be tolerated. Athletes will be warned and a consequence will be given.  If the athlete’s approach does not change after a warning, they will be sent home from practice and disciplinary action will occur. The athlete will be able to return to practice the next day after a meeting with the coaching staff.

  • Athletes who wear braces must have a mouthpiece that protects BOTH the upper and lower teeth.  Again this is a National Federation rule and I would suggest talking to your orthodontist regarding the correct mouthpiece to protect those expensive braces.

  • Only athletes and staff are allowed in the wrestling room during practice. This is for the safety of our athletes and the parents, we have limited space inside our wrestling room.

  • If a wrestler is sick or injured, please contact Coach Sisneros



Wrestling is definitely a sport with plenty of bodily contact. Wrestlers sweat and sometimes bleed profusely in practice/competition. It is very important that each athlete has clean practice clothes every day. It is also critical that each wrestler showers with soap/shampoo and dries with a clean towel each night after practice. I strongly encourage our athletes to shower before leaving the school. This will help prevent skin problems such as ringworm and impetigo from developing and spreading among teammates. Headgear, kneepads and other gear should be washed on a regular basis as well. Report all questionable skin problems immediately to a member of the coaching staff or the trainer. We are not physicians, but we have seen most skin issues and can help determine the appropriate action.


Challenge Matches (Wrestle-Offs)

Challenge matches will be offered weekly until the end of January.

  • The coaches will do initial pairing of the wrestlers.

  • The first challenge matches will occur the week of Thanksgiving break.

  • Both wrestlers must be within 4 lbs. of competition weight.

  • Once a varsity wrestler has been established, a challenger must win the first match to be awarded a second match.

  • Any match wrestled between two LHS wrestlers during a CHSAA sanctioned event will be considered a challenge match and will affect the wrestler’s spot in the depth chart. (This situation will usually occur during JV tournaments.)

  • Lower level challenges will consist of one match and may be conducted during live wrestling sessions during practice.

  • Challenge matches will be three 2-minute periods. Sudden death overtime will be used to determine a winner in case of a tie score in regulation.

  • All Challenge matches will take place during practice.

  • The coaching staff reserves the right to refuse the opportunity for challenge matches and/or replace any team member for lack of effort/poor work ethic, disciplinary reasons, attendance, or any other reason deemed appropriate by the coaching staff.


Travel and Dress

  • Athletes must be on time! The team will not wait for you if you are late.

  • Conduct while traveling must be well mannered. The coaching staff should never have to discipline anyone for inappropriate conduct on the bus or at the event.

  • Use good judgment in dress when representing LHS.

  • We will travel together as a team. To all dual meets and meets during the week, transportation will be provided. We will ride the bus to and from our competition. On Saturday meets JV participants will be provided a bus. As a coaching staff, Varsity members will ride together in rental vans. If the competition is close enough, we will ask that participants meet us at the place of competition.

Competition Information


  • Warm-ups will be checked out to each wrestler competing on the varsity and junior varsity level teams.  Warm-ups will be kept and cared for by each wrestler while competing at the varsity or junior varsity level during the season.

  • Singlets will be checked out to all wrestlers competing at dual meets and tournaments. Extra wrestlers will be expected to return their singlet to a coach after the competition.  Varsity and JV wrestlers will keep and care for their singlets throughout the season. Varsity finals singlets will be checked out after the semi-finals of each tournament and must be returned to Coach Sisneros prior to leaving the tournament site.  

  • ALL LHS uniforms (warm-ups and singlets) MUST BE WASHED IN COLD WATER AND HUNG TO AIR DRY. Wrestlers will be responsible for gear that is not properly cared for during the season. (See equipment and lockers)

  • Headgear worn in competition must be LHS school colors. (orange, black, or white.)

  • If a wrestler chooses to wear socks that are visible above the shoe, the socks MUST be school colors (Orange, black, white). Socks with patterns must be school appropriate.


Dual Meets

  • Begin to warm up at least two weight classes before your match. (Example: sprints, jump rope, pummel, etc.) Have a sweat going BEFORE you step on the mat!

  • Food will not be allowed on the bench.

  • Do not leave the bench without the permission of a coach.

  • Family and/or friends are asked to stay out of the bench area during the meet.

  • Team members are expected to stay for the duration of all dual meets.

  • All wrestlers must help with set up and clean up at home dual meets.

  • It is critical to shower after all dual meets to prevent skin infections!



  • We will sit together as a team.

  • Stretch/warm-up two weight classes before your class is called. See the example listed above.

  • Team members are expected to stay for the duration of all tournaments.

  • Bring a towel, soap/shampoo! Most skin diseases are contracted at tournaments.

  • Bring appropriate foods to last the duration of the tournament.

Please refer to the “Sports Nutrition Tip Sheet” (attached) when considering foods to eat for competition. Junk food will not be allowed!


Lettering Requirements

Athletes must earn a minimum of 25 varsity points and be in good standing with the program at the end of the season to receive a wrestling letter.

  • 1 point for each successful varsity weigh-in

  • 3 points for a varsity win

  • 5 points for a technical fall during a varsity match

  • 6 points for a fall during a varsity match

  • Any wrestler who qualifies for the CHSAA State Tournament automatically letters.

  • A maximum of six points may be earned for forfeits.  

  • An athlete may letter if points are not met, due to coaches discretion.

Weight Maintenance

We do not condone improper methods of weight loss. “Cutting” weight improperly is strongly discouraged and must be avoided. Here are some suggestions to make weight properly:

  • Eat something nutritious for breakfast!

  • Quit drinking soda and eating junk foods.  

  • Don’t eat between regular meals. (No Snacking)

  • Drink a glass of water before each meal and eat smaller portions.

  • Don’t let your weight fluctuate. Be disciplined and always stay within 5 lbs. of your weight class.

  • Workout on your own on days without practice/competition.

  • You must record your weight each day after practice with a member of the coaching staff.

  • Weight certification will be completed by November 21, 2018.

  • Begin your weight maintenance program NOW!


Wrestler Conduct

All athletes will be expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at school, practice, competition, and in the community. Inappropriate behavior such as unsportsmanlike conduct, insubordination or other unsatisfactory behavior will result in disciplinary action or removal from the team by the coaching staff. This will be a point of emphasis this season in our program and stressed by CHSAA.  The coaching staff will abide by and enforce the Jeffco Public Schools athletic policies.



All athletes will have athletic eligibility checked by LHS each week. Student athletes must maintain passing grades or they may become ineligible to compete (CHSAA one F rule). Athletes who receive D or F grades on the weekly progress report will be assigned extra

Conditioning until their grades improve. Athletes must manage their time so that they can attend practice/competitions and fulfill academic expectations.

Academic Study Hall will be assigned to any wrestler that is on the eligibility list 2 weeks in a row.


Equipment and Lockers

Uniforms, bags, and other gear that is property of the LHS wrestling program must be clean and returned in satisfactory condition.  A fine will be assessed to athletes who lose or return gear in a damaged state. All gear must be returned and athletic lockers must properly cleaned out to receive any awards at the end of the season banquet.


Other Information


Guidelines for Parent

What to do

  • Help your athlete eat nutritious meals.

  • Maintain a curfew and be sure they are getting enough rest.

  • Make sure practice gear is washed.

  • Attend all (or as many as you can) of your wrestler’s dual meets and tournaments.

  • Positively support the efforts of your athlete.

  • Encourage additional wrestling, conditioning and weight training during the season and off season.

  • Volunteer (drive kids to tournaments, assist with fundraisers, LHS tournaments, etc.)

  • Talk to Coach Sisneros regarding comments/concerns about your wrestler or the program.

  • Let the coaching staff coach your wrestler.


What not to do

  • Openly criticize wrestlers, coaches, and officials.

  • Talk to or coach your wrestler while on the bench during dual meets

  • Attempt to coach your wrestler during competition

  • Interfere with the preparation of your wrestler before a match.


Coaching Staff

Santiago Sisneros, Head Wrestling Coach

303.972.7168 (School)

720.935.5634 (Cell)   


Chris Chambless, assistant wrestling coach

720.436.5605 (cell)


Chris Perez, assistant wrestling coach





I have read the LHS Wrestling Team Handbook and understand the policies.  Failure to follow the policies of the LHS Wrestling Team Handbook and Jeffco Public Schools may result in disciplinary action or possible removal from the team. PLEASE SIGN AND RETURN THIS PORTION TO COACH SISNEROS.


Athlete’s name (PRINT) _________________________________________________


Athlete’s signature______________________________________________________


Parent/guardian’s name (PRINT) __________________________________________


Parent/guardian’s signature_______________________________________________


Parent email address___________________________________________________

Click here for the link to a pdf copy.